Why choose Vigilant Shield?


We use the best methods to detect all the most famous LUA menus, and a lot of regular cheats, such as AimBot and all kind of PvP cheat.

Easy to Config

Our anticheat is Easy to Config with our Custom Dashboard and our Support Team responds fast to every request

Vigilant Marks

Vigilant Marks is a system to avoid cheaters to join your server, it works using identifiers, user reports and VPN Checks, Spoofers wont work anymore!

What we Detect

PvP Cheats

Vigilant Shield can easily detect most of the PvP cheats such as AimBot, SilentAim and more!.

Client/Server Detections

All movement/PED changer/Give Weapon cheats will result in an Instat Ban by our AntiCheat

Events/Resource Protection

Everything will be perfect with our Anti Resource Stopper / Anti Event Trigger and your server will be safe from Dumps thanks to our AntiDump